Energy Efficient Timber Windows

For a typical house, windows are the biggest heat loss (or gain) building element. The benefits of installing energy efficient windows include:
• Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
• Improved levels of comfort
• Reduced condensation
• Increased penetration of daylight
• Maximum use of external views
• Reduced annual heating and cooling bills
• Reduced fading on interior furnishings.





Timber vs Aluminium
Timber is favoured in many residential applications as it is considered warm, classical and flexible as a building material. From a thermal point of view, timber-framed windows perform extremely well. In fact, due to the excellent thermal properties of timber, timber windows rate a full star better than aluminium in reducing winter heat loss.

Why choose Homeview?

• Energy efficient solutions
Our products are energy “star” rated for heating and for cooling, so you can count on
the savings.

• Renewable energy resource
Timber is a natural and renewable energy efficient product. Homeview Windows only use suppliers who have confirmed that all products supplied are from managed forests and plantations in accordance with ITTO Guidelines for the sustainable management of natural forests.

• Timber, it’s your choice
Homeview products are available in three timber species – Meranti, pre-primed laminated/finger jointed Pine – both of which are treated against insect infiltration or fungal ingress, or for those who prefer, Western Red Cedar.

• Keep the weather where it needs to be
Homeview products are fitted with full window and door seals to reduce drafts and rattle when your windows and doors are not in operation.

• Crystal clear glass options
Your windows and doors can be fitted with standard, toughened or laminated glass and can even be glazed for low noise or double glazed for superior energy efficiency.

• Sizes and designs to suit you
For new or replacement applications, Homeview can manufacture most products to any size. And, if our standard products don’t suit your requirements, we can design a window or door specifically for you.

• Design options you choose
Homeview windows and doors are available in a number of bar configurations to complement your personal tastes and décor, including Colonial, Heritage, Federation and Tuscany Bars.

• Hardware options to suit your tastes
Homeview windows and doors are available in a range of hardware and colour options designed for longer life and to complement your personal requirements.

• Change your looks
Homeview windows and doors can be stained or painted to give you optimum flexibility in your décor and design.