Pine Framing

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Plantation Radiata Pine

Radiata pine is a versatile timber widely used for the full range of structural and decorative uses including framing, lining, glue laminated beams, veneer and plywood. When appropriately treated, it can be used for many exposed structural and non-structural applications.

The timber is low in density and fairly soft, often with very wide annual growth rings. The heartwood is light brown to yellow, the sapwood white to pale yellow, but often indistinct. The grain is usually straight, but knots are common.

Radiata pine is very easy to work with standard tools, although its knotty character and resin canals can cause premature blunting of cutters. Its open grain structure readily accepts preservative treatment, which can provide protection to hazard level 6 (the highest level).

A native of North America, Radiata Pine is grown as a plantation timber in Australia. The species prefers cooler climates. It is frost and cold hardy, but can be damaged by snowfalls, and grows best between the coast and 1,000m above sea level. Radiata Pine prefers sloping, well-drained sites and will not grow well in heavy clay soil.

Radiata Pine is easily raised and planted. It provides larger yields of usable timber in a shorter time than many native species. It seeds readily and, in exposed sunny positions, a seed may still fall and sprout a year or two after ripening. Radiata Pine is generally harvested at about 35 years.

Additional information

MGP10 Radiata Pine

70 x 35 mm
90 x 35 mm LONG
90 x 35 mm STUD
120 x 35 mm
140 x 35 mm
190 x 35 mm

70 x 45 mm
90 x 45 mm LONG
90 x 45 mm STUD
120 x 45 mm
140 x 45 mm
190 x 45 mm
240 x 45 mm
290 x 45 mm

MGP12 Radiata Pine

90 x 35 mm
90 x 45 mm

Radiata Pine D4

42 x 19 mm
70 x 19 mm